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Accurate Door specializes in hollow metal door installation. They bring meticulous attention to every detail and quality materials to deliver high-quality, robust, and durable doors.

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Hollow metal doors are structures that are composed of a steel frame, with steel panels attached to both sides. These doors are particularly popular within commercial settings, and can be used throughout the building. They provide a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Durability: Steel is an incredibly durable material, able to withstand even the strongest of impacts. In addition, hollow metal doors tend to be relatively fireproof, which means you have to worry less about them being damaged in some fashion.
  • Security: Because of their durability, hollow metal doors generally provide excellent security. You can even install doors that are bullet-resistant in order to help protect anything—or anyone—on the other side.
  • Longevity: In addition to the above, the durability of a hollow metal door allows it to outlast many other materials, such as wood or aluminum. This, in turn, can help save you the hassle—and expense—of trying to install new doors.
  • Energy Efficiency: Hollow metal doors are excellent at helping you reduce energy consumption. The space between them acts as an insulator, which in turn helps to regulate the temperature of your building.

In addition, these doors can be specifically customized in order to meet the needs of the client, which ensures that they receive the product that works best for them.

Ken and the team at Accurate Door are hollow metal door experts. For over 25 years, Ken has been striving to provide clients with excellent service. Each job is treated with great care and attention to detail, ensuring that you get perfect end results, every time. Contact Ken today in order to get your hollow metal door installation.

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When you work with Ken for your hollow metal door installation, he will discuss the project with you extensively in order to determine:

  • How many doors you need and where they should be installed.
  • What benefits you’re most interested in.
  • How the doors should be customized.

Once he has enough information, he can provide you with an overall estimate of the project. After you approve the estimate, he and his team will begin the installation project, working quickly and carefully in order to make sure you get an excellent result in a timely fashion. If you have any questions about your new door, then he is more than happy to answer them and provide you with information. In addition, should you ever need repairs in the future, Ken and his team can come out and fix your door in a timely fashion.

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Ken and his team dedicate themselves to providing their clients with high-quality service and amazing products. Hollow metal door installation can improve your security, decrease your energy expenses, and more. If you would like to get one installed, then speak to a metal door company you can trust. Call Accurate Door today in order to receive your free estimate in Bismarck, ND, or the surrounding areas.

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